GreenTea - Making it Happen.

Right. The Plan. This is a note to self entry really but it could be handy for other beginners to read. My aim for this part of to look up a style that I want to adopt for this blog that will follow on to my business cards and post cards in the near future.

  • Mind Map- Inspirations based around green tea and general things I want to draw, strong point, weaknesses and target audience.
  • Mood Board- The visual essence that I want this blog to have. Images, colours, textures, artists.
  • Original Character - design an original character/ mascot to represent 'GreenTea' as a business for the logo and other things.
  • Redesign blog according to advise from popular bloggers and organize sending this url to as many other people as possible.

This is my plan for the moment, I have a feeling that its going be changed around quite a bit, to whoever is reading this, if you have any advise or questions please don't hesitate to ask. - Thanks :)

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