Battle on!

Heres a small battle scene :) Really starting to enjoy all the little bit of making these, i know there a lot more learning involved, but sometimes its fun to just play around.


PenPlusTea on Newgrounds.com


I'm going to be putting up my more 'interactive' bits of work up here (because I'm a beginner at coding), so please take a look when you have the chance! Thank you so much!

So here is all the work I've done today.

And here's some old stuff to make it look like I've done more.


Animated Walking GIF

Does anyone know how to post animated GIFs onto here?
For now, heres a small walk cycle I've made.

Walk animation here!

Ohhhhh, Like that! Click her and she walks funny, awesome!
ITS HAPPENING! Pen Plus Tea is soon gonna have an advert!

Another animatic for the up and coming Daemonium film!


Little fox jump.

Here is a small animation I made at home as practice. Its just a fox jumping but I feel really happy about it! I can only get better from here!