Totally in love with Derren Brown. He owns a beautiful bird that I've fallen in love with! I'm going to get one when I leave uni hopefully. Anyway, here's a drawing that I went a bit mad on with marker colours. Its 6:22am at the moment. TIRED.


Past sketch book pages

Colours and a hand tree

Love using these marker pens. Finally some colour on here. Which reminds me, take a look at my carbon made: Lots of stuff on this old project on here.

Daemonium Animatic

Here is a short idea for how the monster in Daemonium could be introduced. I'm newish to Flash but have a look!

Water Sprite Concept

Made this a few weeks ago but it is worth putting it up here. I'm very much a sketch book artist. Any who, this character was going to be in a short movie, but it didn't get chosen for production. so enjoy on here instead! Thanks 

Man in his Van.

Some more concept for the hunter from Daemonium- If you don't know that that is, read my older posts or check out the group blog here. James (Director) was talking about this character entering the scene in a van. we haven't made any complete decisions yet so I'm making concept for now. Want to give him a dog too but I doubt that that's gonna happen because we gotta make this really well, really quick.

GreenTea - Making it Happen.

Right. The Plan. This is a note to self entry really but it could be handy for other beginners to read. My aim for this part of to look up a style that I want to adopt for this blog that will follow on to my business cards and post cards in the near future.

  • Mind Map- Inspirations based around green tea and general things I want to draw, strong point, weaknesses and target audience.
  • Mood Board- The visual essence that I want this blog to have. Images, colours, textures, artists.
  • Original Character - design an original character/ mascot to represent 'GreenTea' as a business for the logo and other things.
  • Redesign blog according to advise from popular bloggers and organize sending this url to as many other people as possible.

This is my plan for the moment, I have a feeling that its going be changed around quite a bit, to whoever is reading this, if you have any advise or questions please don't hesitate to ask. - Thanks :)


GreenTea@PenPlusTea Logo :)

And so begins another Blog! This one will be a professional home for all of my sketches, plans, stories, ideas, ECT. Please feel free to contact me about my artwork or collaborations at Leahpanigadacarey@gmail.com
Also please check my other websites:

My website (free hosting with moonfruit) pretty things and regular updates plus other contact details.
deviantart account, Lots of fanart and digital role playing artwork.
The other blog. Less professional but still a lot of fun!

Hunter designs for Daemonium

Some designs for our hero hunter in the up and coming student film: 'Daemonium'. We haven't been working on it long but the ideas being thrown around are exciting. If you would like to see more please visit and follow the Blog of the movie here!

This guy has been really fun to draw but I think he's going to be going through a lot more development.